Violence against women

In November, take action against violence against women (remember 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women)!

Up to 70 percent of women may be abused in their lifetime.Do you think you may be one of them? To know if you’re in an abusive relationship, take one more quiz to find out about teen dating violence.

There also some other kinds of abuse. For example, there are some extreme cases, such as what happened to Waris Dirie, the Somali model who was genitally mutilated. Listen to her speech at UN denouncing this practise.

I hope you can make a difference,so – take action NOW to end violence against women.

You can also listen to Pearl, by Katy Perry, a song about how a woman feels when she’s a victim of gender violence.

Answer these questions:

  1. Who is the singer talking about?
  2. How do you think she feels?
  3. What does it happen to her? Why?
  4. What does it say to you?

4 thoughts on “Violence against women

  1. 1- The singer is talking about the women battered.
    2- She feels handled and useless.
    3- She is handle for anothers persons,
    4- A lot of women are victims of violence gender.

    I think this is another big problem of this world.

  2. i think that it is a serious problem, but it can be solved easily.
    Women have to call the police to number: 016.
    it isn´t a topic that interests me a lot, but is generating more and more noise.

    • I don’t think police will solve the problem. It’s a question of mentalities that need a change. Poliuce can’t do anything about it.

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