Why are girls supposed to like pink?

Christmas is nearly there and it’s a time to buy presents. When it comes to toys for children, I often wonder why girls are supposed to prefer pink…

I found a very funny and interesting video featuring a girl named Riley who asks herself the same thing!  Don’t miss it!

Click here if you want to watch it with English subtitles.

What do you think? Which colour do you prefer? Which colour would you buy for your little brother or sister?


12 thoughts on “Why are girls supposed to like pink?

  1. Hello Laura! I think that this girl speak english very good and I think the same because in the world there are lots of colour : brown , black , green , yellow , orange… and for toys of christmas magazine always choose the same colours : blue and pink and the same toys.For boys superheroes and for the girls princess.So there are lots of boys that hate pick up a pink thing and there are lots of girls that hate pick up blue thing.THIS,CAN CHOOSE AND I WANT TO CHOOSE BECAUSE WILL BE BETTER FOR THE CHILDREN. 🙂

  2. this girl is so funny and she says the truth. In the toys magasins you can see that the pages of girls are pink and the boys pages are blue.

  3. i think the same of that girl, the girls can play with “boys toys” and the boys can play with “girls toys” , colour isn’t important!!

  4. Perhaps this is something meaningful, but usually we think this is meaningless. Maybe we would ask us why this is so. For example I hate pink but I love blue and i’m a girl. Why always people connet pink with girls and blue with boys? It’s very un fair, there are more colours. Why people relate princess with girls and superheros with boys?
    I think we have to reconsiderate that.
    PS: The girl is amusing and very cute.

    • You’re right, there’s a lot more to it than just pink or blue. It’s about the way boys and girls are expected to like different things just because of their sex. It’s unfair for those boys and girls who don’t follow the established rules. Thanks for your deep comment!

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