Well, welcome back to school to you all!

I’m sure you had a great time at Christmas and you got many many presents.

I hope you could also exchange presents with your family, even if they live far away, like Wallace and Gromit… Have a look at this funny video:

Now it’s time for you to tell me about your holidays and the presents you got.

Have a look at one of my presents:

2013-01-07 13.32.28







A coffee maker. I’m not very fond of coffee, though… I also got some books and some theatre tickets which I’m sure I’ll enjoy very much. What about you?


6 thoughts on “Presents!!

  1. I dont like coffee…but your present is cool !!!! mmm delicious.. !!! haha. My holidays were fantastic!!! I went to Ronda and Puerto Banus. In Puerto Banus I spoke in english in a English bar, I had a very good time!, but I cant meet with my friends because they were grounded, what a shame! And about my presents… so good! A new mobile phone, two bags, lots of clothes and make -up!! bye!

  2. It fantastic Laura! I love it haha
    My presents are a digital camera!! haha
    I was waiting for the camera for a year and a half. a colony of the beyonce smells good 😀
    Also a board game called knows does not know. It’s a television program 🙂
    make-up 😉

  3. My presents are a lot of make-up and vanity for make-up.
    Clothes for me 😉
    A game for the wii called zumba.
    A heels.
    A necklace and two bracelet.
    And more things 😀

  4. I love coffe, I want your present hahaha
    My parents gave me a book names “The casual vacancy” by J.K. Rowling and a t-shirt of the heavy band names Slipknot. I’ve spent all my holidays in the centre of Málaga, but I’ve loved it 🙂

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