Latest activities for 4 ESO

Here you have some information about the latest activities we’ve organized with 4ºESO, that is, a workshop about sexuality and relationships and a visit to an art exhibition.

Last December we took part in a workshop called Sapiensex, where Rocío Carmona, psychologist, explained how sexuality is something that accompanies us throughout our lives and changes with time.

It was really fun and I’m sure you had the chance to solve any questions you had about this topic. She also gave us some tips so as to where to go to find more information about this issue, for example Forma Joven website.

Here you have some pictures taken that day:

And today we have visited a very interesting art exhibition “Mujer Sujeto”, featuring women artists from different places in Spain to learn about gender stereotypes which are harmful both for men and women. We were lucky to have Inmaculada López, one of the artists to show us around!

We’ll discuss in class about the pieces you liked most and why. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Some more pictures for you!

More about the exhibition


38 thoughts on “Latest activities for 4 ESO

  1. I like the trivial about sexuality it was very interesting and I had a really good time with my mates! Now I know lots of things about sexuality. And about art exhibition it was very interesting too, I realy like some stereotypes and it show us the reality, the true reality about ”the woman”. Thanks a lot.

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  3. I think more than changing the mentality of the man would have to change the woman’s because sometimes they are driven by traditions, customs or television. Since the decision in most cases, either cosmetics or household chores are mainly women

  4. I spend a great time on sexual trivial, it was fun and interesting!
    The exposition of art was very interesting, I loved it. The artists did a wonderful job with the works, about the stereotypes of the that we talk about each work,is necessary to change for make a better society.

  5. It was a boring outing , as the library, the exhibition as North Park. The only interesting for the trip was to get the library card

  6. I’ve loved this art exhibition because it’s true all the things that the artists show in their artworks. The world is full of false stereotypes about the women and we need to stop it.

  7. Let’s not be like leaves that the wind blow away. I like this picture because the drawing is beautiful and Iike the tittle very much. The picture was colorful and bright

  8. In my opinion the best exhibition was Little Miror Little Miror , because it explains what sometimes happens in the world.

  9. Well In my opinion I like the picture of the little girl It was the first picture.
    For me It was beautiful and colourful 🙂
    The name of the picture was little mirror.
    In the exercise of sexuality I liked !
    It was interesting and discover how to learn more about it.
    XX !

  10. I had a great time at the trivial about sexuality, it was really interesting and we learned many things.
    I didn’t go to the art exhibition, but I would have loved to. I’ve seen some of the paintings in photos and, in my opinion, they were beautiful.

  11. in my opinion the best picture of exibition is little mirrow little mirrow.
    Because it is very beautiful and original.

  12. In my opinion the best picture in the exhibition was Little Miror Little Miror, because it is colourfull and cheerfull

  13. In my opinion the exhibition was bored but i prefer it than stay in the classroom, i like the pictures but i dislike write standing, was a good day!

  14. The trip was very interesting, and the pictures were beautiful, it tramsmitted a lot. My favourite picture was little mirror, little mirror. It was awesome.

  15. It was a very interesting activity. The best artwork for me was “Sin título” by Virginia Rotta because she show that the men needs to help more in the houseworks and the women have to be more free

  16. I have learned very much about woman, i like the door of my skin, because i think its interesting and original.
    And you are the best teacher in the world hehe .

  17. In my opinion the best picture of museum has been imagine all you can be because is very creative an atractive . It is very original , this is paint by Inmaculada López . And I like it because intents say us that the artificial beauty that it isn’t necessary .

  18. I love “imagine all you can be” because it’s true that girls only want to be perfects and the aren’t think about anything else. We have try to improve society isn’t think that!!

  19. My favourite picture was 24 hours because it explains the peoples’ life , unfortunately the life of a lot of womens because her husband doesn’t do the houseworks or other things. About her situation and his life is very hard.

    My opinion about this school trip is that is great to go to places like it , because you can learn a lot and it is done for change a lot of things about equality , rights and social behaviour of the people to women.

  20. I like “little mirror, little mirror” because it defends that we must be as we want to be. I like it because is very nice too.

  21. In my opinion the exhibition is very interesting, because the artists show her thought about the reality of the men over the woman<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  22. In my opinion the best picture of exhibition is not all for love.
    It is really true and original. Generally all the pictures are special and stand up for woman

  23. I think that the the exhibition was more interesting. My favourite picture was ”Imagine all can you be” , but I don’t agree with some stereotypes.

  24. In my opinion the trip was very interesting althought a little bit boring, the pictures were so beautiful, and the woman explained very well. My favourite picture was “Not all for love” it’s a great work because “love” is my favourite theme, I hope go to more trips 🙂

  25. Oh, I really happy about this eshibition, It’s very interesting. I think some people have an false idea about women, and sometimes the owns women believe this stereotypes. We need change this. We aren’t perfect little dolls, we would be as we are and not how other people want be us. We have to broke stereotypes. I think we must change society’s stereotypes, not society’s stereotypes change us.

  26. The art exhibition it was very interesting because be about over themes very present. In my opinion the best work of art it was ” imagine all can you that be”. I him like in my bedroom jajaja ! XX!

  27. I can see that the most popular picture was “Little mirror”, which I liked very much. I’m very glad that you enjoyed the outing.
    And thank you all for your comments! I’ll print them out and show you your grammar mistakes. Although that is not the important thing. The important thing is that you try to communicate in English! Well done!!

  28. I think the exhibition was very interesting although I couldn’t be attentive because I was ill.
    My favourite picture was imagine all you can be because is original and creative .

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