Do you like dogs? I love dogs very much but I can’t make up my mind to have one. It’s such a hard work…

Have you got a pet? Do you take care of it?

Is it as adorable as this little puppy below?

Check out more cute puppies caught in adorable sleeping positions here!


34 thoughts on “Pets

  1. HAHAHAHA, It’s really funny the possitions that dog can take sleeping. I have a small dog.Her name is Peky. Well, It’s right that the dogs give lot of work but if you really love dogs it isn’t much. All depend of the kind dog. This can be calm or active. You must to have this account.

    • I know, I must take the size into account, but I think all of them take a lot of effort, even if they are calm! Who takes your dog for a walk, Belén? Is it you who takes care of her?

      • I take my dog for a walk, but my mother has to take my dog in the morning, because I’m in the high school.

  2. Ohhhh, this dog is so cute!! I wish I have a cat or a dog, but my parents don’t like pets, so I have to wait the day I have my own house hahaha

  3. This dog is very nice, I love dogs, they are my favorite animals. I’d love to have one but here they send the “father’s”, then they will not let me. hahaha. 🙂

  4. This puppy is very nice. I have a dog called Cleo, is very small but it is five year old.Now we believe that it is pregnant, but still we do not know. 🙂

  5. Aww! So cute!
    yes, I like dogs but I don’t have a dog in my house because I’m allergic to dogs. :S
    But I have a hamster haha his name is Chubby. Yeah, it’s weird haha 🙂
    It’s very soft and loving

  6. I have a hamster calls ”Rabiosa” and two bird: Manolo and Brody hahaha. I had got other hamster , called Iron-man but he died last month!!! 😦
    I like the dogs but Im not interesting in have one.because Im careless with the pets… a great disaster !! ,on the other hand , my parents dont want to have a dog because they know im not going to take care…maybe sometimes!! But I love the cats!!! so cutes!! and they are very relaxed… or they look relaxed!! 😉
    Have a pet is have free time…. I think!!

  7. I love pets!
    I have a cat, your name is Cuki it is one years old but it is very small.Came to my house when it was very small,
    it is very affectionate and funny it is playing all day.

  8. I love dogs I have one its breed is Miniature Pinscher , its name is Toby it is one year.This brees came from a mixture between manchester terrier and whippet .This brees is very small. It is similar that Doberman but Miniature Pinscher is smaller that it (it hasn´t got symptoms of dwarfism) my dog eats fodder of the brand : Royal Canin and it loves actimel . This breed is wonderful and beautiful for me . If you want see same photos of this breed…. you can find it in Google . Cordial greeting 😉

  9. This dog is so cute !!!! Yes, I like dogs but I prefer cats . I had a labrador called “Rayo” for a short time , but my parents didn’t want pets in my house so we had to give him to another family 😦

  10. I love animals! I cant live without them. I have three pets a guineapig, a cat and a dog, they call boli, flufla and leann. Boli is small and a bit fat jajajaja the cat, flufla is to curious ,clever and naugthty, but is too beautiful when she was sleeping, ONLY WHEN SHE WAS SLEEPING jajaja thats a joke. Leann is a coker spaniel, he’s got a fair hair and is sleepy, loving and very intelligent. I love my pets i think they are the best pets in the world. I know i’ m too sckily jjejeje but i think it. i hope dont borig you. Bye

    • You don’t bore me at all! And I don’t think you’re sickly ( cheesy is a more common word) either! Thanks for your comment

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