Last weekend


Hi there! Impressive picture, isn’t it?

I went on a trip last weekend. I visited a very nice town in the mountains, Genalguacil, and I also went hiking in the forest. It was a little bit cold but there were some beautiful trees, Spanish firs, which are currently in danger of extinction. They are gorgeous!

Here’s another picture.

la foto








Do you like hiking? What do you usually do in your free time?


8 thoughts on “Last weekend

  1. i like it! it is a fantastic and interesting sport that , in my opinion , it should people practise more, but i prefer playing football or basketball.

  2. Nice pics Laura!! I really miss mountains, I have a house between Moclinejos and Almarchar and I havent been there for a year!!
    In my free time I usually go shopping. I love it you know !! But I often have a meal out with my parents in one place near the beach, I think im going to create a post and public some photos to show you. 🙂

  3. Oh,how photo more nice¡ but i hate the forest 😦 i like more the beach je je . In my free time,i see my friends and i go to malaga centre with my friends or boyfriend. I love going to shopping with my mum but she says that i spend very much 😦

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