I hope you had a great time the past week. I, for one, had a brilliant time travelling abroad to one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey: Istanbul.

Do you know anything about this city? It is the only city in the world divided between Europe and Asia, and has an impressive history.

When I travel, I love to get informed about the history and customs of the place I visit, so here is a little bit of history about this gorgeous place, which has been inhabited by many different peoples with different religions and customs.

What is now called Asian Istanbul was probably inhabited by people as early as 3000 BC. Later in the early 100’s BC, it became part of the Roman Empire and in 306 AD, Emperor Constantine the Great made Byzantium capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. From that point on, the city was known as Constantinople, and became the capital of the Byzatine Empire.

In 1453, when Constantinople was very weakened by almost constant invasions and battles, the Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmet II were able to conquer the city. Renamed Istanbul, it became the third and last capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman rule continued until it was defeated in WWI and Istanbul was occupied by the allies. When the Republic of Turkey was born in 1923 after the War of Independence, Kemal Ataturk moved the capital to the city of Ankara.

It is indeed, a beautiful place where you can see the mixture of the different cultures which have lived here thoughout the centuries.

The most beautiful building (in my opinion) is the Blue Mosque, one of the most important mosques in the city, built in the 17th century, and Hagia Sofia, a religious building (now a museum) from the 4th century, which is considered the best example of Byzantine architecture.

Hagia Sophia

One of the most striking things is to hear the call for prayer from the mosques, and to see the mixture of people both in European and Islamic fashion, and the Bosphorus, the strait that separates Asian Istambul from European Istambul.

And the only bad thing about it was that it was really cold! Look at me in the picture below, it was freezing!

The new mosque

Here you have some more pictures of my trip:

Which is the place you’d like to visit some day?


27 thoughts on “Istanbul

  1. wow I really love the pictures. It looks amazing , amazing like your trip. You are a lucky woman. I will ask you about the trip.I’d love to know you more details and experiences 😉
    I’d love to visit England and Australia , Im in love with this places. I hope visit one of them soon.

    • Brilliant idea! I’ve already seen some beaches at the Caribbean Sea and I’d love to see some more. Cuba would be great. When do we go, then? 😉

  2. oh my god! I think all beautifull. My dream is travel around the world, visit and meet many cultures and customs. If I won the lottery, I love to visit Istambul but that travel have to cost an arm and a leg! ;P

  3. I did not know that Istanbul is a cultural and beautiful city to visit. Your trip seems very interesting and active. I’m going to travel to Rome next year. If I had a lot of money, I would travel to America now, I will do it in a few years. But if I could, I would go back to Paris again! Better the devil you know than the devil you do not know!

  4. I love the way Andrea and Soledad have used the new vocabulary (including idioms) we have learnt in class. Well done! Thumbs up for you!! 🙂

  5. The photos are amazing as the trip. Travel is an opportunity to discover the world and learn about different cultures. Furthermore Istanbul is a beautiful city, I’d love take trips like this. If I had the opportunity I’d travel across Europe first, and then I’d love know cities on other continents as Sydney, Dubai, Tokyo, Miami … I hope you had a great trip!

    • Andrea, Ana and Bea, I love it the way you’ve used conditional sentences! I’m really proud that you’re able to use good grammar in your senteces! 🙂

  6. Oh, I’ve seeing your photos and I like them so much. I’m jealous of you. I can see you enjoyed your trip, it’s clear as a crystal. Your trip is very nice and you’ve seen a lot of places in Istanbul. I hope I can see that city someday. In the future, I want to go to USA again and travel around the world, this is my dream.

  7. I hate you jajaja i havent gone out yet from spain but thinking it better i have all my life. I love italy my dream is travel to venece, also i’d like go to grece and New york. The people tell me about Brujas very well so why dont go?

  8. Your photos are very nive, I love travelling and I want to get back to París althouh my parents can´t pay me the travell however I walk in someone else´s shoes. I can see it was very cold!!!

  9. I’ve seeing your photos and I like them so much. I didn’t know that Istanbul is a beautiful city, I would like to visit. You’re a lucky woman and I’m jealeous of you. I would love to travel around the world

  10. Wow! I don’t know that Istambul was such an amazing city! I think Istambul is a great city to live and if I travel to Turkey I will visit Istambul of course . I’ve never been abroad and the first place which I will visit it will be USA i don’t mine the city but if i have to choose i will choose New York.
    In conclusion I’ve never seen photos of Istambul , but now i think that it’s a beautiful city. 😀

  11. It’s increible Laura! I hope you had a well on your trip! 🙂
    The photos are fantastic! It’s that true haha.
    I didn’t know anything about the Blue Mosque but looks very nice in the picture 😀

  12. Wow! It looks like Istambul is such an amazing place (and freezing, I’ve heard), I love it. I’d like to go there, or maybe Japan.

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m really glad that you liked my pictures and that you had the chance to get to know another fantistic place in the world! 🙂

  14. Istambul is a really nice city. I would like to visit her. I hope that you have spent it really well.

  15. Nice pictures of Istambul but I don’t like this city, I prefer Los Angeles because I love beach and heat. My uncle has lived in Ankara for two years, nevertheless, He wasn’t happy there because He didn’t like turkish food. I have been in Dominican Republic. I was over the moon when I was sunbathing in the “Hamacas”

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