Today 17 March is the day of St. Patrick , to commemorate the patron Saint of Ireland and commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland …


It´s a National holiday in the Republic of Ireland and not official in Northern Ireland .              Today is celebrated around the world !

The first Saint Patrick’s Festival was celebrated on March 17 of 1996.

The celebration has the theme of going all green, enjoy the food, drinking Irish drinks and go to parades….


Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!

And this is a video with St Patrick’s story

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about this festivity!

(Thank you Carlos!)


7 thoughts on “SAINT PATRICK’S DAY !!!

  1. Well done, Carlos! Thank you very much for your post. I’ve added a video and a quiz to learn more about this festival! xxx

  2. I wanted to public a post about Saint Patrick’s Day but dont worry! I really like it because its curious but I know it because my parents get drunk haha !! I want to go to Ireland and see how people celebrate it , it must be amazing!!
    I’ve got photos of me in Saint Patrick’s day but I cant show it by comment 😦

  3. Hey! on St. Patrick’s day my aunt makes its anniversary with her ​​boyfriend! so in my house is a special day!! jejeje

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