One of My Parties

Hello I’m going to talk about one of my parties , this one was in Pries Lounge near of ”Muelle Uno”. It’s a enormous lounge with two floors , one vip lounge for vip people and a terrace where the people can talk and have some drinks.

My friends and I went to this place for  to enjoy this party , it’s a special party , it’s a neon party.

Before all people entry to the Lounge we give gave out some fluorescent sticks , fluorescent glasses and some t-shirts , it was fantastic because when we switch the light off , all people shine on with their fluorescent items. In the party we sang ”Ryko La Esencia” and there were some gogos.

I didn’t mix music that day but the rest of the deejays were so good!

I meet met a lot of people and after then we went to have dinner to ”Burger King”. The best of that day was that Omar ( my boss) said me asked me to work for him and it was fantastic because I want to work in that place and of course I’ll earn some money for myself.

Finally , We raffled a minikart valued in 40 euros. It was a nice day for me and for my friends I hope do it again.

I leave you some photos of the party, I hope you enjoy it!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


One thought on “One of My Parties

  1. Very impressive, Andrés! I can see you enjoyed yourself very much! That sounds like a great party and your description of it is excellent! I’m very happy you had a great time! I might join you next time ;)!

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