‘You’re More Beautiful Than You Think’

What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror? How hard are you on yourself?

Have a look at this experiment and draw your own conclusions:

Watch the whole experience at: http://dove.com/realbeautysketches

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12 thoughts on “‘You’re More Beautiful Than You Think’

  1. When I saw this video at news , I said : this ad is too interesting and I feel recognise for this experiment , but the ad at the news isn’t complete and today when i saw in english class I really know that this experiment is true , because a lot of people think that they are ugly however they are beautiful or handsome.
    This experimente is the best that I’ve seen.

  2. This video is really amazing.You have to be sure of yourself but it is difficult in your life to be sure , lots of situations in the teenagers, people hurts you about your image or simply some comment that you dont like about your facial features , a little thing can make you fall, tear you down. If you dont know that you are beautiful, nobody will think it. Love yourself.

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  4. I think this video is very good and has a lot of reason. Also I think people have to accept as herself, and be proud.

  5. This video is really interesting. I like it because you try to convince you that you really are more beautiful than you think.

  6. It’s a good current review of outrageous issue that our society lives: the materialism. I like because it dealt with overcoming the persons with few autoesteem feel extremely beautiful and confident. The video tries to draw attention of who spend their time to worry about be more beautiful and they don’t know the most important thing in the world is to be happy with ourselves.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Andrea, we should be happy with ourselves and believe in ourselves (trying to overcome low self-esteem)! Thanks for your comment.

  7. Sometimes i looked in the mirror and i think .. What kind of monster are you? but thanks to many people that helped me to see what I’m really like I’m much happier and I think the video is very realistic because this happens to many people.

    • I’m very glad, Ángel, that you were able to overcome your fears. Always remember: You are more beautiful than you think!!

  8. I love this video Laura! When I saw that video I thought it’s good to love yourself.
    That no matter how you see them.
    I think this video makes us think about the image.
    Ok.. There are days when you don’t look good but I think you have to know that you yourself and you shouldn’t look like people don’t worry about your looks.

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