International Peoples Fair in Fuengirola

Hello everyone! I had been waiting this Fair since last year because I like so much see it.


In this Fair come people from others countries and each country has a stand where make their tradicional foods , decorated  and performances.

At 1 o’clok there was a parade, and every country shows us a particulary thing of their country ,dances or tradicional costumes.




After that. I visited the stands. It is really curious to see the traditions and their food, their lenguages… 




Tomorrow will be the last day! Why don’t you visit it?



7 thoughts on “International Peoples Fair in Fuengirola

  1. It looks fantastic! The costumes and the food stalls seem really amazing. What kind of food did you try? I love food from different countries. I wish I had been there! Thanks for your post.

    • Its amazing, I’d love to go there each year. The next year you have to go!!! You’ll like it. Well.. I didn’t eat very much because I’m not very keen on food and there was a long queue in all the stands, I only ate ”Fajita” , my favourite mexican food. You are welcome,Laura!

  2. I think your blog is very interesting and important for to see all of the countries.I’d like the blog is perfect.I also think it was very hot there

  3. I love this post! ts very beautiful and curious to see a piece of each country. I would have loved to have been able to go, since I’m a big fan of foreign food and culture. I hope someday to attend.

  4. In my opinion i think it is a fantastic fair, there are many parade and look it a interesting place, although in the morning Málaga´s fair is better than that. The next year I´ll try to go because always is good visit diferent village where you can meet with your friends and do new friends.It´ll be an exciting place where I´ll have a good time.

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