What are doing with our planet?

A friend of mine sent me this video and I recommend that yyou watch it.

I can’t help wondering how our planet will be like in the future. Will my baby be able to enjoy wild animals around us or even nature?

What do you think about it?


6 thoughts on “What are doing with our planet?

  1. WOW, that was so dramatic. But i like these types of videos, that show us how our world will be in a few years. If we wont stop this we will have a world full of trash and old electrodomestics. The man is a machine of destruction, and he only want get all. I feel so embarrased for be one of they :S

  2. haha the video is so funny but it shows us how the people dominate the world. On the other hand its really sad , we believe that we are owner of this planet , we only think in ourselves , we have to change the way with which we “control” the world , we dont realize but we are destroying us.

  3. Great. I really ejoyed this video. It scared me too!. We know there are limited resources, and we don’t realise one day these resourses will end.We have to raise awareness about it. On the other hand, about animals,i cant stand to see the animals’ maltreat.

  4. You’re right, Pablo, it’s funny in a way but also very scary to see how unaware we are about the need to take good care of nature around us. As Carlos points out, it is dramatic. Especially when it comes to animal abuse, as Ana says. I hate it too!!
    Thanks for commenting guys!

  5. This video is very funny, it is a one way to see the future, but this topic is really serious because the world is polluted and we have to try to improve, so that our children can live in a healthy world.

  6. It’s a good idea show the future from the funny way, but we have to notice ourself because this is a serious problem, the pollution and the waste of natural resources can mean the destruction of our planet. Therefore we must protect the world, because is our home.

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