Still expecting

Hello there!

It’s been three weeks since I left school on maternity leave. Some of you might be wondering if I’ve alredy given birth, so I just thought I’d write a post to keep you updated.

I hope you’re enjoying your time at school and you’re happy with Eva, the great supply teacher who will help you while I’m away.

As for me, this is how I feel…

This is me right now…

Unfortunately I’m still expecting, I’m very very nervous… and looking forward to holding my baby in my arms!

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Still expecting

  1. i wish u all the best nd i hope ur in a good helth so is the baby nd dont worry EVA is doing her best with us 🙂 we’re waiting!!! I wanna see the baby hahaha 😀 Good luck nd take care

  2. Hi Laura! I’m glad to know about you! I’ve missed you all this time ,but Eva is nice!! Now it’s your time , your time to relax, to think about your baby, and how your life is going to change soon 😉 Good luck in your birth. I hope to see you as soon as you can! xoxo

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