Halloween is just around the corner


Here you have some interesting exercises to get to know more about Halloween / Aquí tienes algunas actividades interesantes para saber más sobre esta festividad.


(Check new words in an on-line dictionary)

  • Verbs to make a Jack o’-Lantern.Click here. (nivel avanzado)


(Check new words in an on-line dictionary)


  • Check on the Internet for the information to answer the following questions: Click here

And just for fun…

Here are instructions to decorate your house / Si quieres, puedes hacer en casa unos muñecos para Halloween, para decorar tus ventanas. Sigue estas instrucciones.


Stop violence against women

Watch the following videos, what do you think about them? What do they mean?

Do not silence ABUSE, join #LazoBlancoPicasso and say NO to violence against women!!

Finally, here you are a song to inspire us on this day: “Behind the wall” by Tracy Chapman. Tracy sings this sad song a cappella. Emotional!


At last! Time for holidays!

I hope you have all enjoyed the English lessons this year and I wish you all have a good time over the holidays.

It’s time to relax, or to study, if you haven’t been lucky enough to pass all the subjects 😦

In any case, I encourage you to continue practising your English over the summer. Don’t forget to keep watching films in English and listening to music in English!

I leave you a couple of websites to practise your English in a more enjoyable way, with games.


Have a great summer!!

Social awareness Workshops ESO

Here I leave you some information about some of the latest workshops my students had the chance to attend at school.

 2º ESO-B: Take care of those around you!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to receive some students from 2º Bachillerato, who, with the help of people from the NGO Interred, helped us think about how important it is to take care of our environment and of those around you.

2013-05-14 14.08.26








Here is the video presenting the campaign:

I hope you enjoyed it! Do not forget to always have others in mind. You’re not alone in the world!

Click here to see some more pictures from the workshop.

4º ESO B: Mental Health Worshop.

Besides, 4º ESO B received some awarenesss raising activities about mental health problems, by some nurses form our Health Centre.

2013-03-13 12.36.20

They had the chance to learn that we are all exposed to mental illnesses and that they should be treated as any other illness we may have, that is, by asking for advice and trying to get some help from doctors.

Thank you all for your participation!

Click here to see more pictures.

Great teenage inventor

Do you remember that we were talking about inventions in class (in 4º ESO)? Some of you mentioned that you would like to become great inventors.

Why wait? You can start now!
Here is some inspiration for you, Eesha Khar, a California teenager, who is heading to Harvard University after winning a science prize.

Eesha Khare developed a tiny supercapacitor to speed battery charging.

Khare’s device, a black, rectangular type of supercapacitor just over an inch long, can charge a cell phone battery in 20 to 30 seconds, she said. Her device could be used for automobile batteries in the future.

“I will be setting the world on fire,” Khare says.  Why don’t YOU set the world on fire TOO!!!

More information here.

Inspiring women -Part 1

We have been recently working in 2ºESO on oral presentations about biographies of exceptional women as a way of paying a tribute to them.

Here you can find some of the posters your classmates made about some relevant women of all times and fields, using gloster.

Click on the names below to learn more about:

Somaly Man – Human Rights Activist (by Sebas)

Marjane satrapi – Cartoonist (by Evelyn)

Leticia Bufoni e Silva – Skater (by Francis)

Jennifer Lawrence – Actress (by Clara)

Agatha Christie – Writer (by Miguel)