Stop violence against women

Watch the following videos, what do you think about them? What do they mean?

Do not silence ABUSE, join #LazoBlancoPicasso and say NO to violence against women!!

Finally, here you are a song to inspire us on this day: “Behind the wall” by Tracy Chapman. Tracy sings this sad song a cappella. Emotional!


An unexpected trip to London

As I told in class, I have been to London this summer, in August. I went with my aunts and my cousin and it was an unexpected trip.

I stayed 5 days in London and I had time to do a lot of things. The first day I was very tired because my plane took off at 3.15 a.m. so I walked along the Oxford street and I started to learn how to use ”the Tube” (Underground). The second day I visited Camden Town and I did a lot of shopping and we bought souvenirs. I also visited the famous M&M’s shop.The third day was the most interesting. In the morning I went to the British museum although it was a little bit boring for me. In the afternoon I went to The Hyde Park and I rent a bicycle to go to the Buckingham Palace.Later I visited the London Eye, the Big Ben and the London Brigde. The penultimate day I wen to Greenwich in a boat. The view across London from the Royal Observatory  in Greenwich Park is outstanding. The last day I visited the Trafalgar square and Harrods.One anecdote was that my cousin got lost and we spent a lot of time searching her.We arrived late at the airport and we almost lost the flight. However we arrived fine to Malaga and the trip was fantastic in spite of rainning and the cold weather.

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Hi there!

We’re back and after a long break because of maternity leave, the blog is fully operational again.

Here you will find, as in previous years, posts about different interesting topics written by your classmates and assignments for English classwork or homework.

Remember to bring all needed materials to class everyday and to make a good use of online resources. Also, you can use some more interesting materials to complement your textbooks in ESO, for example, your student’s companions.

Student’s companion-3eso

Click on the link above to download the Student’s Companion file for 3º ESO

 I wish you all you all plenty of success and enjoyment in the English lessons!


Meet Maxi Junior

Hi there! I hope you’re doing fine.

I’m a happy mother now and I’m so proud of my baby, I don’t mind I get no sleep at night! 😉

Meet my sweet little baby, find some pictures below, as promised!

His first picture

His first picture

With his mum right after giving birth

With his mum right after giving birth

This is with his dad!

This is him with his dad!

Here Maxi Junior four days old!

Here Maxi Junior four days old!

Still expecting

Hello there!

It’s been three weeks since I left school on maternity leave. Some of you might be wondering if I’ve alredy given birth, so I just thought I’d write a post to keep you updated.

I hope you’re enjoying your time at school and you’re happy with Eva, the great supply teacher who will help you while I’m away.

As for me, this is how I feel…

This is me right now…

Unfortunately I’m still expecting, I’m very very nervous… and looking forward to holding my baby in my arms!

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!