Latest activities for 4 ESO

Here you have some information about the latest activities we’ve organized with 4ºESO, that is, a workshop about sexuality and relationships and a visit to an art exhibition.

Last December we took part in a workshop called Sapiensex, where Rocío Carmona, psychologist, explained how sexuality is something that accompanies us throughout our lives and changes with time.

It was really fun and I’m sure you had the chance to solve any questions you had about this topic. She also gave us some tips so as to where to go to find more information about this issue, for example Forma Joven website.

Here you have some pictures taken that day:

And today we have visited a very interesting art exhibition “Mujer Sujeto”, featuring women artists from different places in Spain to learn about gender stereotypes which are harmful both for men and women. We were lucky to have Inmaculada López, one of the artists to show us around!

We’ll discuss in class about the pieces you liked most and why. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Some more pictures for you!

More about the exhibition