Films not to miss

Back to school! I hope you’re having a nice week after our break. I know it’s always hard to get back to work…

As I told you in class, I had a very relaxing week, reading and watching films. There’s a couple of films I’d like to recommend.

The first one is called Little Miss Sunshine. I recommend this film to those of you who like black commedies and satiric stories.

Here’s the trailer (don’t forget to activate the subtitles):

And the film I told you about in class, about how people get obssesed with TV reality shows, called Reality. I would recommend this film to people who want to be aware of how television influences our lives.

Which films can you recommend and who would you recommend them to?


Three metres above the sky:

Well, I’m going to talk about three metres above the sky because it’s one of my favourites films and one of my favourites books too. They tell the story of a girl called Babi, and a boy called Step, but in the sSpanish version film his name is ‘H’. Babi is a student who likes talking about clothes and is looking for love.  Step  prefers speed, violence and risk. Both belong to diferent worlds but they share a thing in common, love, that with time will make them change.



Three metres above the sky is a romantic comedy. It was published first time in 1992 in a edition paid by the writer, Federico Moccia, and this edition sold out inmediatly, it was photocopied one an again until.  It was re-edited in 2004. And it became a great succes.  In the book Babi is a good person, and she still hasn’t found true love.  On the contrary Step is violent, rebel, irresponsible and feared by everybody. But this will change: She will become more rebel and he will become more tender.


Step follows in his motor bike Babi’s mercedes one day that. She, her sister and her father go to school. Step is impertinent because he fell in love with her at first sight, but se doesn’t like him at first.


The film has its premier in 2004, in Italy. The main characters are Rcardo Scarmacio as Step and Katy Saunders as Babi.

Antena 3 bought the author right and filmed the Spanish version where the main characters are played by Mario Casas , ‘H’ in the film (Step) and Maria Valverde as Babi.


The film was in cinemas in 2010. it was more succesful in Spain than Italy.


The film has been the most big box office hit in Spain.