At last! Time for holidays!

I hope you have all enjoyed the English lessons this year and I wish you all have a good time over the holidays.

It’s time to relax, or to study, if you haven’t been lucky enough to pass all the subjects ­čśŽ

In any case, I encourage you to continue practising your English over the summer. Don’t forget to keep watching films in English and listening to music in English!

I leave you a couple of websites to practise your English in a more enjoyable way, with games.


Have a great summer!!


Holiday time: Games

I want to wish you all a very happy Easter holidays!

What do you know about Easter holidays in the USA? Try this exercise (reading comprehension and quiz).

And if you want to learn more about Easter traditions in Britain check this website.

Don’t forget to continue practising your English over the holidays by watching films or series in English and listening to English songs or playing games!

If you like games, I recommend you try some English Word Games: