What’s your favourite sport?

If it is football, you’ll have probably heard that Messi has just won Ballon d’Or, beating Ronaldo and Iniesta.

25-year-old Messi netted 91 goals in 2012, setting a new world record for the most goals scored in a year. Read more here.

Do you think he deserves it?

Also if you like motorcycling you probably know that the Rally Dakar is on at the moment, so we have to wish good luck to Laia Sanz.

Do you know her? (I hope Javi does!)

Laia Sanz is an excellent Spanish sportswoman, eleven times Woman’s Trial World Champion and ten times Woman’s Trials European Champion in Outdoor Motorcycle Trials, is taking part in the Dakar Rally this year. You can read a very interesting interview with her here.

Ana, 4ºA, also sends us some information about her favourite sportswoman. This is what she adds:

“I practice Rythmic Gimnastics and I really love it! Its my life!! I support  Yevgéniya Kanáyeva. If you want to learn more abour her..  She is the best !!”

Thanks, Ana!

And you guys? Which other sports do you like?