Last weekend


Hi there! Impressive picture, isn’t it?

I went on a trip last weekend. I visited a very nice town in the mountains, Genalguacil, and I also went hiking in the forest. It was a little bit cold but there were some beautiful trees, Spanish firs, which are currently in danger of extinction. They are gorgeous!

Here’s another picture.

la foto








Do you like hiking? What do you usually do in your free time?


My long weekend


Look at the picture above, isn’t it wonderful?

This is what a chestnut tree field looks like in autumn. It has been taken near Júzcar, a small village in the mountains near Ronda, where I have stayed a couple of days.

This town is special because it is painted in blue, apparently because it was used to promote The Smurfs 3D movie premiere last year. It has remained so since then. You can read more information here.

And here you have some more picture I took there:




This is me with Gargamel!!

What about your bank holidays? Did you have a good time?

My busy weekend

Hello there!
Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was very busy!
On Friday I saw one of the films in the Fantastic Film Festival and had the chance to see some of the soldiers from the 501 legion from Stars Wars who attended the festival. It’s fun, don’t you think?

Have you seen the film?


Then, on Saturday, I decided to take the chance that it wasn’t raining to do some hiking in La Axarquía, in the mountains near Cómpeta. It was beautiful!


And today I rallied together with my good friend Elena against violence against women across the streets downtown.













What about your weekend?